If You Can Travel Without Luggage, You Can Hop On A Flight Today For $24

Here’s the deal. The calendar says it’s spring but you’re still holding your breath. You have friends and family all over the country who you haven’t seen in months, but everyone’s a little strapped for cash. And the trip you’d planned a few months ago fell through so now, you’re left wondering if the cabin fever you feel the moment you wake up is your new normal.

How do you break the cycle? What’s the easiest way to shake things up? Book something, right now, while the booking’s good! Frontier Airlines is currently offering one-way flights for as low as $24 from tons of major cities. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to dip out of work early one afternoon and escape to someplace new.

Tired of all the wind in Chicago? Pack your sunscreen and fly to Palm Beach, Florida for $34!