New Series of Videos - MCANN 'LIES' #1 Front Door or Patio Doors


At that time she observed GM talking to an English citizen called Jez that they had met on these holidays. He played tennis with them. She doesn't know if they saw her giving the assurance that, on her part, she did not start a conversation with either of them.

She passed them knowing that GM had already been in the apartment to see the children.

She doesn't recall the position/orientation of either Jez or GM while they spoke to each other on the street, only having the perception that one was on the pavement and the other was in the road next to the other. Jez had a baby carriage, the deponent knowing that he had a small child.

Prompted, she clarified that the reason she left, following GM only 5/10 minutes later, she relates that she did it because she knew that he would only go to his apartment, reiterating that she checked her daughters regularly.

Questioned about the path she took on the way to her home, she relates that she left the reception at the entrance to the Tapas/pool area and went up the pavement to the corner, having entered the apartment by the front door, which was, as already stated, locked. The only access to the interior of the home is by that door, seeing that the windows and the sliding patio door to the lounge were locked from the inside, it being this way that they are only passable if they are opened, also from the inside.

Asked [about] the route of GM to his home when he went to check on his children, she relates that she does not know, but that she knows that he, at times, accessed the home by the glass lounge door which was only closed but not locked. She explains that this was the easiest and fastest way to enter the McCann apartment as they have a stairway up to the veranda which is next to the pavement, saving thereby half [the distance of] the route. Questioned, she relates that all the couples had to access their respective apartments by the front door, except the McCanns since they were the only ones who left the glass door unlocked.Prompted to say if she checked the state of the windows and external blinds of the McCann children's bedroom when she went to her house, she relates that no, she did not look in that direction, hence they might already have been open without her having noticed.

1. How did Jane already know that Gerry had checked the children? He could have spent the time chatting with Jez2. How is Jane so sure about the tiny detail of the child's floral pyjamas yet she can't remember what position Gerry & Jez were facing? She would surely remember considering she saw them but didn't offer a salutation.3. Jane knows that Gerry won't check her kids yet Russell & Matt checked the McCann kids that night..4. Open sorry, smashed & jemmied shutters, an open window and blowing curtains would be very difficult to miss. Surprising that Jane didn't notice this seeing as she noticed everything else about the walk (except for what direction Gerry was facing)