Things to Do in Lakes Entrance, Australia

Lakes Entrance Things to Do

Lakes Entrance is a heavily visited seaside resort that relies on tourism as its main staple. Located to the east of Melbourne and to the southeast of Bairnsdale, Lake Entrance is a popular place to go for camping and nature-themed activities.

Take a Walking Tour of the Area

Regardless of your physical fitness level, a walking tour of Lake Entrance is a popular activity. The land is flat and paved and there are plenty of opportunities to stop, rest, and enjoy the surroundings. Take a picnic and stretch out along the waters’ edge. You can also step off-the-beaten path and take a catamaran cruise. If you prefer not to carry a lunch, there are several restaurants, a small café, and places to windowshop. There are plenty of facilities on the walk, and you can even grab a bite of ice cream to cool you on hot summer days.

Sink Your Toes in the Sand

No trip to Lake Entrance would be complete without a stroll along 90-mile beach. This long strip of beach is not extremely crowded, so you can sunbathe, go fishing, or look for shells. If you want to take a dip, there is a lifeguard on duty and up the beach there are showers and changing rooms. Wildlife is plentiful so you can snap some photos of the fish and plenty of birds.

Get a Good Look of the Resort from the Jemmies

Located along Princes Highways, the Jemmies is a lookout location that offers excellent views of Lake Entrance and the channel. Stop by the information board and take a look at the photographs and explanations of the location and the different types of wildlife you will see.

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